Errata for the printed books

Nobody's perfect! If you found an error in some of my books please tell me about it, including the page number.

I will correct the PDF book in this site at once and also add a note to this page. For the printed version, all errors will get corrected in the next revision.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2015.

I Ching: Riding the Changes. Page 9 in the PDF document and 8 in the printed book:

The table with the Yin and Yang lines, has the attributes for Yang and Yin inverted. The attributes should be switched so that the Yin line is "Feminine, passive, dark, cold, soft" and the Yang line is "Masculine, active, light, hot, hard".

I Ching: Navegando los cambios. Página 9 en el archivo PDF y 8 en el libro impreso:

La tabla con las líneas Yin y Yang tiene los atributos del Yang y el Yin invertidos. Los atributos deberían ser intercambiados de tal modo que la línea Yin tenga "Femenino, pasivo, oscuro, frío, blando." y la línea Yang "Masculino, activo, luminoso, calor, duro."

Note: The errors shown above were already corrected in the PDF books.