The essence of the YiJing

Hardcover: 314 pages
6 x 9 x 0.9 inches
Fourth Edition:
October 2013

YiJing (I Ching) Chinese/English Dictionary

Take a peek at the richness of symbols and meanings that are the essence of the Chinese ideograms in the YiJing text. Understand the subtle indications hidden beyond even the best YiJing translations, which always flatten y limit the deep messages of the oracle.

This Chinese/English Book of Changes dictionary includes all Chinese characters found in the YiJing as well as a translation and a concordance. Both the traditional explanations for the character's meanings and the findings of the modern research on oracle bones characters are covered. 993 Chinese characters are explained in detail and in many cases not only the traditional but also archaic representations are shown to clarify the character's original significance. Multi-character words are covered as well, to clarify some YiJing expressions. Includes all characters found in The Judgment, The Lines and The Image.

Download or read online an abridged version (Acrobat document) with a portion of the translation, dictionary and concordance.


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Hardcover: 380 pages
Language: English
6 x 9 x 1 inches
Second Edition:
May 2014

I Ching: Riding the Changes

Riding the changes means to take the best course between the rough waves of life. Changes are the natural waves that traverse time.

The I Ching can help us to understand better the relation between external reality and our will; such insight will allow us to chart the best possible course of action and will enhance the quality of our lives.

This I Ching translation is concise and oriented towards divinatory usage. To help readers understand better the true meaning of the text, notes with historical and cultural references have been added as well as some crossed references between different hexagrams.
Line by line interpretations are both general and oriented toward different aspects of life like Career, Private life and Health, Feelings and Social life.


Download or read online an abridged version (Acrobat document) with only six hexagrams.


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Tapa Dura: 416 p.
152 x 229 x 26 mm
Primera Edición:
Mayo 2014

I Ching: Navegando los Cambios

Al conocer qué tipo de tiempo estamos viviendo, podemos tomar medidas preventivas y planificar el mejor curso de acción para evitar los posibles peligros y aprovechar al máximo las oportunidades. Llamamos a ese tipo de adaptación al tiempo “Navegando los cambios”. Los cambios son las olas naturales que recorren el tiempo. Navegar los cambios significa tomar el mejor curso posible entre las olas del mar de la vida.
Esta traducción del I Ching es concisa y orientada al uso divinatorio. Para permitir a los lectores entender mejor el significado del texto, notas con referencias históricas y culturales acompañan a muchos hexagramas.


Descargar o ver el libro (documento Acrobat) con solo seis hexagramas.


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Tapa Dura: 318 p.
152 x 229 x 23 mm
Segunda Edición:
Febrero 2013

YiJing (I Ching) Diccionario de caracteres chinos con concordancia y traducción

Esta obra incluye una presentación bilingüe, español/chino, del texto original de los 64 hexagramas del Libro de los Cambios, mostrando los caracteres chinos junto al texto de la traducción en español.

La traducción intenta ser tan literal como sea posible al texto chino original. La mayor parte del libro la ocupa un diccionario chino/español de caracteres chinos que comprende los 993 ideogramas utilizados en el texto de los 64 hexagramas. Asimismo tiene una concordancia para ubicar la presentación de cada carácter a lo largo del texto de los hexagramas y apéndices con información sobre la pronunciación de los caracteres y el significado de los ocho trigramas.


Descargar o ver el libro (documento Acrobat) incluyendo parte de la traducción, diccionario y concordancia.


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YijingDao Lite

YiJingDao Lite is a Windows application that can run on all modern Windows versions, from Windows 10 to Windows XP*.

The YiJing (I Ching) or Book of Changes is a classic of the Chinese literature that has been used well over two thousands years as a wisdom repository and for divination.

  • YiJingDao Lite has a modern translation with useful comments plus a dictionary with the meaning of the Chinese characters that form the original text
  • The Oracle can be consulted either with the coins or the yarrow-stalk method, using an animated interface.
  • Oracle answers can be stored in a database, from where they can be imported or exported, to share them with others or for backup purposes.
  • Guidance for interpreting the Oracle answers is provided, so users can know how to interpret mutant lines.
  • Includes the original Chinese text with a literal word by word translation of the Book of Changes. This feature is very handy for the serious YiJing aficionados, since only in that way the whole range of meanings of the Oracle answers can be unveiled.
  • YiJingDao Lite is portable, after installing it on a folder, that folder can be copied to a USB Stick or to any other hard disk (In case the program is not installed, but copied, the two TTF fonts in its folder should be installed by the user).
  • YiJingDao Lite only can store up to 10 oracle answers in its database and cannot print. The Full Version doesn't have such limitations. Order the Full Version.
Version 1.2 / 7.7 MB size Download


* More recent versions of Windows have East Asian Languages support out of the box, but unfortunately Windows XP doesn’t have this functionality unless you install it. To see the Chinese characters on Windows XP you should install East Asian Languages support in XP. Todo so go to Control Panel and open the Regional and Language Options window. At the bottom of that window there’s a check box labeled “Install files for East Asian languages”. Click that check-box.